Although the holidays will be delaying comic shipments by 24 hours this week, we’re still getting new books–including Marvel Legacy books– before the new year! Today’s blog post will therefore be the final installment of our series detailing the new Marvel Legacy comics (click here for Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3) hitting our shelves this month. This also the final post where we show how Marvel arrived at the new (higher) issue numbers for those titles.

My Legacy Preferences

So far, I’ve really been enjoying all my Marvel comics during the Legacy “relaunch” this fall. Oddly enough though, I’m collecting very few of the books that reverted back to their ‘Legacy’ numbering. I say it’s odd, because the company who makes the most books I collect is Marvel Comics. (Image Comics is a close second).  It turns out, from the sixteen (or so) books that have reverted to “Legacy” numbering, the only ones I collect are:


I don’t collect just the Avengers title but Uncanny Avengers and USAvengers as well. However, the second two titles have just wrapped up, in preparation for the upcoming “No Surrender” story arc. “No Surrender” begins in Avengers #675 and will be a sixteen-chapter story that will be coming out as a weekly series during the first four months of 2018. All of this will be working towards Avengers #700, and online hints make this look like it’s going to be pretty epic!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Alas, Guardians of the Galaxy has been cancelled! Just a couple months into the Marvel Legacy relaunch, and it’s already game over for one of my favourite teams! What’s worse, issue #150 is Part One of a story arc …and the title’s final issue. I’m going to miss this series when it’s done. I felt Gerry Duggan (ex-writer of Deadpool) was a good fit for Guardians of the Galaxy. However, because the Guardians have always been a third (fourth?) string comic book team, I understand that cancellation has always been a threat. It’s that same lower-tier status that allowed Dan Abnett to have an exceptional amount of creative control: which ended up being the inspiration behind their first movie.

At least there’s a little bit of a silver lining for me. Apparently the team will factor heavily in the upcoming Infinity Countdown: Adam Warlock and Infinity Countdown Prime series due this winter. It will only be a relatively short wait for me to see what happens after their final issue.


Although I’ve never disliked Spider-Man, I’ve also never been much of a collector of Spider-Man comic books. I just never got into them–or felt compelled to get into them (I’m much the same way with Batman). So, it’s a surprise to me at just how much I like the Spider-Man book.

Maybe it’s because Spider-Man isn’t about Peter Parker but instead Miles Morales. Miles was Spider-Man in the Marvel’s ‘Ultimate’ universe, a side universe not part of Marvel’s “main” continuity. It was created in the 1990s and was envisioned as being the 1960s-era Marvel books had they originated during the 90s. Marvel made their classic 1960s titles edgier and updated versions of themselves. For instance, in the Ultimate Universe, Nick Fury wasn’t a remnant of World War II and just some old white guy-turned-superspy; essentially he was Samuel L Jackson. Marvel’s Ultimate comics were almost the blue print for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why is this relevant? Well, in the Ultimate Universe Peter Parker actually dies. After Parker’s death, the mantle of Spider-Man gets taken on by Miles Morales, who has similar spider powers. Recent years have seen the destruction of the ‘Ultimate’ universe –but not before Morales managed to transfer over to the main universe and join the regular Marvel universe continuity.

This Week’s Marvel Legacy Books



Amazing Spider-Man #793 – “Venom Inc.” Part 4!

Black Panther #168 – Klaw is stealing the lifeblood of Wakanda; and as monsters pour through strange gateways, T’Challa must defend his country from within.

Captain Marvel #127 – “Dark Origin” part 3: guest starring Peter Quill!

Invincible Iron Man #595 – “The Search for Tony Stark” part 3: the build up to Iron Man #600 continues to ramp up! Doctor Doom and a bunch of Marvel’s armoured heroes show up in this issue!

Moon Knight #190 – “Crazy Runs in the Family” It sounds like Moon Knight’s multiple personalities are beginning to take their toll!





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