If you’ve been regularly stopping by our blog this month, you’re already aware of the spotlight we’ve been doing on the new Marvel Legacy titles being released each week. We’ve highlighted the titles that came in last week; and in our blog post the week before that, we covered the reasons behind switching the numbering system for all of Marvel’s books back to their original number count.
(If today’s post begins to leave you in the dust, I’d recommend checking out the Dec. 9 blog post –we tried our best to write it so it could inform the uninitiated without relying on too much jargon.)

This Week’s Marvel Legacy Titles

What’s nice about this week’s releases is that, unlike last week’s Marvel Legacy releases, I’m actually collecting some of these Legacy books! In hopes of making the Legacy makes sense, I’ve decided to follow the format from last week: in the ‘gallery’ below we’ve provided information slicks for each title that show how they have come up with their new ‘Legacy’ number. Following the information slicks, I’ve included some quick blurbs about each title, while doing my best to not give too much of the plots away (hence, some of the blurbs are just the name of the story arc).

Remember: the new Legacy number shown below count as that comic title’s issue number one!


Generation X #85 – Generation X returns with its original roster…sort of. Be sure to check out one of the stranger C-Men teams that Marvel has ever made!

Guardians of the Galaxy #149 – The Guardians of the Galaxy are now Part of the Nova Corps! They also found an Infinity Stone that’s as tall as a house. Rocket also has it in his head that he can sell anything he wants for a quick buck now that he’s in the Nova Corps. Drax has also decided to be a pacifist.

Incredible Hulk #711 – “Return to Planet Hulk” part 3!

Luke Cage #168 – “Caged” part 3: Luke Cage is back in prison and working on the chain gang. This should be a piece of cake for him….shouldn’t it?

Mighty Thor #702 – “The Death of the Mighty Thor” part 3! Jane Foster was found worthy and is now the Mighty Thor! But after many adventures, she’s finally had enough. Can an appearance by Hercules change that?

Peter Parker Spectacular Spider-Man #298 – “Most Wanted” part 2! Peter Parker has a sister! He’s also wanted by the law. And now Black Panther is on his tail too!

Tales of Suspense #100 – “Red Ledger” part 1: following the events from last summer’s Secret Empire mini series! Black Widow is dead…and yet all her enemies keep getting killed. Oddly enough, this is a Hawkeye and Winter Soldier team-up story. The last time Tales of Suspense was being published was in the late sixties, but now it’s back!

Venom #159 – “Venom Inc.” part 3!


Honourable Mention

Doctor Strange #383 -We didn’t include the info-slick for Doctor Strange this week, as we included it in our blog post two weeks ago (see here). Doctor Strange is on its third chapter in this story arc that sees Loki, the Asgardian god of mischief, become the Sorcerer Supreme. This has been the most unlikely story: not too many people were overly excited by the story concept, so stores ordered lower and Marvel printed few copies …and now everyone’s clamoring for the first two chapters–but Marvel is already sold out.


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