If you’re not a Marvel Comics collector but have been inside a comic shop this fall, you’ve probably noticed that the issue numbers for many Marvel books are a lot higher than practically every other book on the racks. This is no mistake: this is Marvel Legacy.

Marvel Legacy is the promotional campaign name for the company’s decision to renumber many of their comic titles. The idea is that this is being done in recognition of the just how long those titles have been running. Essentially, each issue’s number represents (more or less) how many consecutive months those titles have been running–even though so many of them have been stopped and restarted more than a couple times.

In our blog post last week, we detailed the reasons for this change in Marvel’s comic books and provided some extra insight (via this cbr.com article) about the whole Marvel Legacy initiative. Marvel also made some handy information slicks to show readers how they came to decide what issue number each of their long-running titles would start at. I came across all the renumbering information slicks in one spot and was quickly overloaded by all the changes and histories of all the books.

Rather than inundate our blog visitors with all the information slicks at once, we decided to release the information over four weeks. Instead of dumping all the information at once, we thought we’d highlight each week’s Legacy books hitting that were coming to comic stores that week.

This Week’s Marvel Legacy Titles

We’re going to do things a little different this week. Because the legacy-numbered issues started arriving on the shelves in October and we only started talking about Marvel Legacy last week, we’ll also post the issue number that’s coming out this week for the benefit of those that want to jump on board Legacy and don’t want to miss out on any issues.


Over half the comics I actively collect are Marvel titles, with the other half being scattered among DC, Image and some smaller independent companies. (And some of them are truly small indie companies: one day I really should blog about Ghost Money!) Weirdly enough, none of the above Marvel Legacy books are ones I collect. Only two of this week’s Marvel releases are actually on my pull list. Here’s a quick rundown of this week’s Legacy books:

Amazing Spider-Man #792 – “Venom Inc” part 2! Dan Slott continues to write strong Spider-Man stories and Immonen’s art never disappoints.

Cable #152 – “The Newer Mutants” part 3! The series is pretty unapologetic about it’s 1990s feel–but it more than pulls it off, making the book feel refreshing despite it’s 1990s trappings!

Daredevil #596 – “Mayor Fisk” part 2! That’s right, the Kingpin is the city’s mayor–and h’s just decided to declare Daredevil as public enemy #1!

Despicable Deadpool #289 – “Deadpool Kills Cable” part 4! Nuff said?

Punisher #219 – “War Machine” part 2! Continuing the thought experiment of “what would happen if Frank Castle got his hands on an Stark technology?

She-Hulk #160 – “Jen Walters Must Die” part 2! Good writing and art have helped She-Hulk become one of the store’s sleeper hits! It’s not surprising that Marvel themselves are sold out of the last few months of older issues!

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