Has it really been one year since our last Games and Grog?

Has it really been FIVE MONTHS since our last blog post?

Has it really been fifty-five days since we moved our store location?

Today, we put things to right with by posting a new blog post, promoting our next Games and Grog event and (officially) the store’s change of location!

COMING AUG.12: GAMES & GROG VI: the New Digs!

We just finished the craziness of moving the store, welcoming in the newest edition of Warhammer 40,000, running multiple 40k tournaments, and bringing new staff on board! Now we’ve embraced the crazy again and have our next Games and Grog happening in TEN DAYS time! Because we wanted run it well before summer was on its way out, we opted for a closer date (which means less advertising time) and decided the night for the gaming festivities will be Saturday, August 12. For this event, our esteemed providers of libations will be Wildrose Brewery!

The fine folks at Wildrose Brewery will be supplying us with a keg of custom-made brewing of beer, and they’ll also have a good cross section of their excellent line of beer products for the night of gaming! The last time we had Wildrose at our Games & Grog, it was a blast for everyone who attended! So come on down and see what you’ve been missing–but hurry as tickets for our event are selling fast! This promises to be a great night of board-gaming, beer-imbibing, pizza-eating fun!


Our Friday evenings look a little different now! If you find yourself at the store mostly on Fridays, you’ll have already noticed by now that we have a couple new faces working behind the counter: we’ve brought on board Aric and Shawn.

Aric’s main interest, though a fan of almost everything, is board games–well, board games and Warhammer 40k and Dice Masters and the Star Wars Destiny Dice Game and …you get the idea! Aric has been one of the staple members of our Monday night board gaming group and has near-encyclopedic knowledge of most of the board games on (or off) our shelves!

Shawn has been a long-time shopper at the store and is now our resident Magic the Gathering super fan; he’s been running the non-Friday Magic events since we moved into the new store and is now running magic most Friday nights….he’s also looking to start up a casual Modern Magic night, on Tuesday evenings starting mid-August!


Though we’re now closing in on two months at our new location (just three doors down from the store’s original spot!), we still get people coming in every day who are surprised about the move. Though we had been planning the move for a while, the finalising of details and coordinating the renovations in the new spot (along with myriad smaller details) made it so that we didn’t know exactly when we’d be pulling the trigger for the move. Suffice it to say, to those who weren’t regularly coming to the store once or twice per week, our announcement of the move would have felt like an unannounced bolt from the blue!

Why the move? After two months in the new spot, we’re only asked that question once per day now.

From the very first day we opened our doors, we wanted Imaginary Wars to be a place where people could be comfortable coming to play games. Having no easily-accessible washroom for our gaming clientele hampered that–luckily, there was at least the public facilities at Tim Horton’s less than six car lengths from our doors! It had always been our goal to amend our washroom situation, but structural changes to a rental property–combined with the downturn in the economy–made it so that the big renovation we desired became a little too complicated for us to get it done.

All that changed in the winter of 2017 when we got some information about an often-overlooked spot in our mall complex! I’ll spare all the nitty-gritty. Suffice it to say that within a couple months of researching our options, we had decided that the unassuming corner spot would be perfect for Imaginary Wars! All that was need was for us to take care of some small details and to get some some relatively surface-level renovations done, and we’d be able to move in for before our fifth anniversary! As it turned out, all the “small details” were far more involved than we expected, making it so the move couldn’t happen until the end of May.

But here we are now! It’s been a pretty exciting June and July; the biggest thing–besides the move–has been the new edition of Warhammer 40,000! We ushered in the new 40k by doing something we had never done before: a midnight release party! It was well received by our gaming community and a TON of fun for us, so much so, that we’re looking into doing some more midnight events (for Warhammer and other games!).

Being that the launch party happened not two weeks after we did the store move, it was all kinds of crazy staying organised for the event!



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