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“Don’t Miss Out!”

That’s the latest headline from Marvel as they announce a whopping 33 new titles to be released starting in October of this year. I can’t say this as a certainty but it seems as if this is a response to DC Comics and their new extremely successful Rebirth titles, which have been dominating the sales charts for the past month.

With that in mind, Kyle and I have committed to trying out some of these new Marvel titles and thought it would be cool if we invited our customers to do the same –but with a points incentive for our “Imaginary Dollars” rewards program! …Oh yeah, we also thought, for some reason, it would be cool if we made it more adversarial; my picks versus Kyle’s picks.


To participate, all you have to do is add these titles to your comic file pull list and buy their first issues. If you don’t yet regularly collect comics, we can set you up with a free reservation file at Imaginary Wars so you can participate in this promotion! The new titles will start arriving at comic stores throughout October and November. Once you’ve bought my comic picks (or Kyle’s), your Imaginary Dollars points total will be rewarded with 500 bonus points at the end of November.
(And if you choose both our comic picks, we’ll add 1000 points to your total!)



1 – Infamous Iron Man #1

inf-ironguyI am a Huge fan of Alex Maleev, his art is just the right amount of realism blended with gritty textures that strike a fantastic balance between reality and fantasy. His previous Spider-Woman and Daredevil runs have been fantastic. This book is written by Brian Michael Bendis–the reigning heavy weight champ of writers at Marvel. With those two creators involved it is a must have for me.
Release date: October 19.


2 – Doctor Strange: Sorcerers Supreme #1

drstrangersorcerersI don’t know much about this title but the artist is another ex-daredevil creator: Javier Rodriguez. I Think this book will be highlighting sorcerers from around the Marvel Universe and if you have been reading the main Doctor Strange book then you know that some of the magicians showcased there are pretty interesting.
Release date: October 26, 2016.


3 – The Unworthy Thor #1

unworthy thorI didn’t think I would like that Thor was displaced  by Jane Foster [the name has been blacked out in case you are not following the story line], but The Mighty Thor has been fantastic–a great story with a great twist, so it’s an easy choice to check out how Thor redeems himself in this new title. PLUS I absolutely love the art of Oliver Copiel! His recent run on the spider-verse story was one of the highlights of comics last year. Thor + Great Art and great writing by Jason Aaron = I’m in!
Release date: November, 2016.

4 – The Clone Conspiracy #1

clone conspiracyThis is sure to be another epic story in the life of Peter Parker. An easy purchase for me as the Artist is one of my top 5 favourites working right now. I met Jim Cheung in Seattle and not only is he a fantastic artist he is also a great guy. Dan Slott has been ruling the Spider verse for many many years and rumour has it he will never let go! Let’s hope this is another great story!
Release date: October 12, 2016.


5 – Invincible Iron Man #1

invincible-iron-manSeven months ago I would never have believed that I would be buying Iron man, let alone TWO Iron Man titles. The latest version has been excellent and this title boasts the “new Iron Man” Riri. This could be a cool new take on the character. Plus the Art looks great!
Release date: November, 2016.

6 – Iron Fists #1

iron FISTSThis might seem like an odd pick for me as I did not enjoy the story or art on the last Iron Fist series, and this one is written by the same writer, but I love the world of Danny Rand and the mystical city of K’un L’un plus the new artist is someone who is a bit different from the classic Marvel look. I will definitely pick up the first arc and see where it goes. Fingers crossed.
Release date: November, 2016.




1 – Jessica Jones #1

Jessica-Jones-1-coverI’m becoming a pretty big fan of Brian Michael Bendis. I start off skeptical of him being on whatever ‘next project’ he’s starting, and then it always ends up being extremely satisfying. Sure, he doesn’t always hit a home run, but he tends to still make it to home plate every time. That’s good enough for me. So I’m totally on board with this: Bendis and Michael Gaydos returning to Jessica Jones, a character they created back in the 2001 series, “Alias” …which became the basis of the first season of “Jessica Jones” on Netflix.
Release date: October 5, 2016.


2 – Avengers #1

Avengers-waid-delmundo2016Another title being done by a writer I tend to trust: Mark Waid. He was responsible for the spectacular re-launch of Moon Knight last year (different than the current Moon Knight being written by Jeff Lemire), and he’s been doing a great job on Black Widow this last while. To me, the Avengers always do better when the plot / threats are more epic in stature—which is exactly how they were handled last year when Jonathan Hickman was writing the book (this was before last summer’s Secret Wars mini-series and its rebooting of Marvel universe). I’ve got a feeling that Marvel’s letting Waid helm this series because he’s got something up his sleeve, and want front row seats to witness it.
Release date: November, 2016.


3 – Star-Lord #1

Star-Lord by zdarskyI didn’t think I was such a Star Lord fan…until I realized I’ve been reading every book that has Star Lord in it since 2007. Chip Zdarsky excels at irreverent looks at the super hero genre. Now, here comes a series about the eternal galactic wise-ass, Peter Quill, being written by Chip Zdarsky? Sign me up!
 Release date: November.


4 – Death of X #1

Death_of_X_1_CoverIt’s the X-Men versus the Inhumans! This series is a bit more of a calculated gamble on my part: I’m not the biggest X-men fan (truth be told, I have pretty limited patience with them), but I’ve been really digging the Inhumans titles over the last year or so. With Jeff Lemire and Charles Soule, two writers I’ve learned are generally worth taking a chance on, doing the writing duties, I expect to be pleasantly surprised by this series.
Release date: October 5, 2016.


5 – Hawkeye #1

Hawkeye1 kbishopFor me, it wasn’t in the “Young Avengers” series that I first met Kate Bishop; it was when she showed up in Matt Fraction’s “Hawkeye” (Clint Barton) series in 2012 and revealed to us readers just how much Fraction’s version of Clint was essentially a hero who was a product of his own poor decisions (albeit done for the right reasons). Kate Bishop as Hawkeye was pretty much the opposite (albeit with rookie mistakes thrown into the mix) being a younger, more driven and more capable version of Clint Barton. Though she was presented very much as a second fiddle to Clint in the last two “Hawkeye” runs, this book is all about Kate. I’m definitely intrigued.
Release date: November, 2016.


6 – Great Lakes Avengers #1

greatlakesavengers1This choice is my biggest gamble. I know almost nothing about the Great Lakes Avengers—apart from them being a team made up of third rate and utterly unknown heroes. That fact will be the book’s strength though, because the team is a joke (and by that I mean funny and humourous). Zac Gorman, the writer of the “Rick and Morty” comic series is writing this, and people tell me “Rick and Morty” is funny…and weird. Hopefully plenty of both are present for Great Lakes Avengers as they valiantly defend their new home town: Detroit.
Release date: October 12, 2016.



Honorable Mentions / the “Wait and See List”

Foolkiller #1

The cover pretty much has me sold…but I’m not willing to place my bets on this not knowing more about the character or the premise or the writer’s chops. So it makes the “W&S” list.

Cage #1

Done by animator extraordinaire Genndy Tartakovsky. Not usually my thing but I’ll check it out.

Gamora #1

The last Guardian to get her own book! I love the art but the character seems to be a one trick pony for me.

Mosaic #1

A new Inhuman with very little exposure gets his own title. (Marvel is really pushing this so I will check it out…..)

 And finally…….
The Champions #1

Marvel is very excited about the return of the Champions! As some readers might remember, the Champions were a team that included Hercules, Iceman, Ghost Rider, Black Widow Darkstar and Angel and was released in the mid-70’s. The titles lasted 17 issues. This new series will feature: Ms Marvel, (Young) Nova, and Miles Morales Spider-man, all three are young and disillusioned with recent events in Civil War II. I know Marvel wants me to buy this book, they have solicited 15 alternate covers, but I’ll take a pass on this one for now, I reserve the right to consider it once it comes out 🙂

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to leave a comment or make a suggestion for a new book you think Kyle or I might be missing out on!


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  1. Simon Addicott says:

    A few good choices. I believe I am already down for death of x.

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