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April 16-17: Our Anniversary Weekend!

Though our official date anniversary is April 4, we’re maxresdefaultcelebrating our anniversary this weekend of April 16-17. We were forced to push back commemorating our going in to business thanks to events beyond our control, namely the pre-release events we ran that weekend for the newest Magic the Gathering set, Shadows over Innistrad. And a good thing we made that choice too: we had the store jam packed full of gamers showing up to play with the new set the weekend before it officially hit our shelves!

And I can already hear some asking why we didn’t just go for the following weekend; to them I say: did you even come by and see our Faux-Pocalypse day-long 40k battle held last Saturday? Behold, the spectacle!

Anyways, THIS weekend Imaginary Wars will be celebrating its fourth year in business and inviting everyone down to celebrate with us! As a thank-you to all our loyal patrons, there will deals on items and areas throughout the store, many cleverly (and not so cleverly) attempting to work the number ‘four’ into its deal. Of course we’re mum as to what exactly the deals will be, but suffice it to say there’ll be some discounts, some freebies, some bonus Imaginary Dollars Rewards Points and even some free points that we’ll be giving away! (Hint: bring a friend to come shopping at the store this weekend!)  And OF COURSE there will be cake!


Not only will there be the obligatory cake, but we’ll have our ‘Cool Mini or Not Games’ Vanguard volunteer, Richard, on hand beginning around 2:00pm to run introductory games of many the cool titles found on the ‘Cool Mini or Not’ roster! We’re even be awarding Imaginary Dollars Reward Points to every person who tries out one of the introductory games. Other than the table he’ll need for demonstrating board games, our miniatures tables will be open for all gaming!

And Hobbies!

What better time to embark on new initiatives than on an anniversary weekend? Well that’s what we’re doing later in the day: our local miniatures gaming club, The REGIMENT (who focus heavily on Flames of War) will be running their first Regiment Hobby Day starting shortly after 3:00, where they’ll be patching and repairing the club’s Flames of War terrain.

Although this first session has the terrain-fixing agenda, and despite “hobby day” sounding rather official, hobby days are really no more than an afternoon where some club members show up at the store to paint some miniatures, share hobby knowledge, motivate each other and build club camaraderie.

This event will be exclusive to Regiment club members—Imaginary Wars is, after all, the official HQ of the club—but it presents a great opportunity to meet the members of the club and decide whether joining the Regiment is a good fit for you. After all, they play more than just Flames of War: Star Wars Armada, Infinity, Victory at Sea and  X-Wing are some of the games that regularly make it to the tables on “REGIMENT Night” every Friday at the store! (Of course, if you’re looking to increase your hobby and painting skill, I should point out that we’re running a Painting Fundamentals Seminar next weekend on April 23; click here for the flyer and here for our Facebook Event page for further information!)

(Also remember: these are the guys that run the incredible D-Day on Juno Beach every year at Imaginary Wars—an event that is free to play for all club members! Plus membership confers discounts on all Regiment-run tournaments and gives members access to club terrain when gaming at Imaginary Wars.)

And (more) Gaming!

On Sunday, we’ll also be running a Dice Masters tournament with the ‘Little Cup’ format. Little Cup requires players to play using only common cards. Rares, Super-Rares Uncommons and promo cards are restricted from use. The result: more forgiving games being played at a lower power level…but with unexpected deviousness: just because a card is Common doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few tricks up its sleeve! The Dice Masters tournament starts at 12:30 and we’ll be prizing with the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” prize pack. PLUS due to it being our Anniversary weekend, there’ll be extra prizes for everyone who plays on Sunday!


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