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Despite the warmer-than-expected winter we’ve been having, I can tell the winter doldrums have nevertheless crept in on peoples’ psyches. But this is what gaming is for: chasing away cabin fever and the drudgery that comes from less daylight into fun times spent with friends (and / or family). I’ve been trying to make it a point to do a blog update whenever we do large updates to our Events and In-Store Gaming pages on the Imaginary Wars website, and today is one of those updates.


February 14: Magic the Gathering Game Day

2016-02-14 MtG Oath Gatewatch GAMEDAY poster

Hot on the heels of Magic the Gathering’s release of their newest set, Oath of the Gatewatch at the end of last month, we have the traditional Magic Game Day event that always follows the new release and gives players a chance to show off their re-tooled decks, while competing for a limited-edition gaming mat. This time around, we’ve decided to mix things up a bit and give our regular players a chance to let us thank them for continuing to make our Friday Night Magic nights the success that they are: we’re giving away extra prizes at our Oath of the Gatewatch Game Day!

As is our way, we’ll continue to run the event without requiring players to pay an entry fee (while also offering booster-pack prizing to not just for the top players, but also as random prizes for a few people who didn’t get into the top four spots). This time around, we’re also offering extra foil promo cards to all players who buddy up and bring a friend down to play in the event! We’ve also decided that if we break our best attendance ever, we’ll throw in an extra prize: a Fatpack of Oath of the Gatewatch! The number we’re trying to beat is 34 players.


February 21: Dice Masters  Tournament

2016-02-21 DiceM Legion Doom Force Nature

Back at the end of January, we ran a Dice Masters “Little Cup” tournament, where players could only bring teams / decks made up entirely of common cards. It was a lot of fun, with many players commenting on what a fun challenge it was trying to make an efficient deck using only cards they always regarded as low power or highly situational. This month, we’re letting the pendulum swing the other way: this time we’re asking players to make their teams from only the toughest of heroes and villains—that is, ALL cards must have a Purchase Cost of SIX or higher!
The event will also have prize support from the Legion of Doom Wizkids Organised Play prize pack!


February 28 & 29: Masterclass Painting Workshop

painting daze

Over the last few months, we’ve been working with one of our local painting enthusiasts, Dallas, after he approached us asking if we’d be interested in hosting a painting workshop—but not just any workshop, one that was going to be run by a Golden Demon Award winner. We readily agreed. The instructor was going to be Mathieu Fontaine and would require that he be flown to Calgary as well as be given accommodations. Because of these facts, Dallas knew this couldn’t be a free “learn the basics of painting in two hours’ kind of event but had to be a proper day-long, intensive workshop.  Not only that, but in order for it to be feasible, we’d need easily a dozen attendees—paying attendees.

Obviously, because I’m blogging about the upcoming event, we satisfied those requirements! We’ve even been a little silent about the event: by the time I was getting everything together and had done not much more than vaguely talk about this event to a few people, the rosters had already filled up! Did I mention it was for TWO weekends? The poster above this wall of text already goes through what each weekend will cover; what it doesn’t mention is that each day will go for roughly eight hours! Even though all the spots are filled, people are still welcome to come down as spectators of these workshops, so long as it’s during store hours (both days start before the store opens) and that spectators remain respectful of the fact that those participating have spent money to be at the workshops, specifically to receive instruction.

Check out some more of Mathieu’s amazing work: here.


Every Thursday Star Wars: X-Wing

X-WING Thurs feb fly school

For the month of January, we dedicated every Thursday evening to the Star Wars: X-Wing game made by Fantasy Flight Games. We decided to focus on playing missions rather than just hosting yet another night for players to try out their meanest squadron builds. Don’t get me wrong, that style of play has a place in all gaming communities; but restricting all game play to that style is really missing out on what the game has to offer: lots of different cool ships that can do lots of cool things. So with the prompting (and lots of help) from one of my regulars,  we set up a night where players are restricted to being run through missions. Part of the goals of these evenings is to challenge players to think beyond the meta-game that dominates the region and to ease them away from obvious combinations and net-deck / point-and-click squadron builds. (Of course, doing so won’t just help them become better players, it will likely also make games at Imaginary Wars more friendly to newer players).

To reinforce that the journey (playing games) is just as important as the destination (winning games), we’ve decided to raffle off prizes from the tournament kits at the end of the month, rather than award them to players who win the most. We do so by giving players a raffle ticket each time they play one of our pre-set missions. That’s right: we’re only giving participation prizes! So far, turn out has been great, and the amount of new players showing up has been encouraging–so if you’re new to X-Wing, come down on Thursday nights with whatever you own–even if it’s not much more than the starter box, we’ll get you playing a mission and learning the ropes!


Coming Down the Pipes to Imaginary Wars:


13th: Firestorm Armada Tournament

26th: Age of Sigmar Campaign Tournament (“Sortie”)

TBD: Local Comic-Artist Day


9th: Warhammer 40,000 Sortie: “Faux-pocalypse”

30th: International Tabletop Day

TBD: Star Wars Armada – Splinters of an Empire: The Fledgling New Republic campaign

Expect to hear more about all of these in future blog updates or on our Facebook Page!

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