Wonder Woman issue 44 cover.

I finally got caught up on reading my Wonder Woman comics and it was great! I love getting caught up and reading 10 – 20 issues at a time–by rights I should probably just be collecting the trades, but I also love getting new comics every week.

Now I hope anyone reading this is caught up on their Wonder Woman reading so I don’t spoil anything. When I last left off reading they were killing off the gods on Olympus, and I had kind of lost interest. At the time I didn’t see how they were going to come back from that; it felt like they were writing themselves into a corner…at the end of a burning bridge, but I should know better. There has since been a complete 180 degree turnaround, and just like that, I am intrigued again.

WW issue 43 panel

Wonder Woman talks to Strife on Olympus in issue 43.

I realized that I am really enjoying the story-lines with the Olympian gods in them, and how much they are playing up the gods as Diana’s dysfunctional extended family. It’s a bit more fun watching them right now–seeing what Strife is going to do next, enjoying Hera’s mini-tantrums… if it wasn’t Wonder Woman I would liken Diana to being the Michael Bluth of the family… except that this is Wonder Woman and she’s awesome (and I’m not just saying that because I love Wonder Woman…I say as I drink my coffee from a Wonder Woman mug).

Diana may be straight-laced, but she’s not boring; and it’s fascinating watching her bad-girl sister, Strife, push all Diana’s buttons. Strife and Diana bring out both the best and the worst in each other. Maybe that’s what Diana has needed all along–some non-Amazon sisters to really challenge who she is and what she fights for. To quote Diana’s mother’s double entendre when speaking of Strife in issue 34, “My girl, it’s in strife that Amazon mettle is honed.”

WW issue 25 panel

Strife and Wonder Woman in issue 25.

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