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–And don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

Actually, 2015 wasn’t so bad, really; it’s just that with the brand-new year comes the WordPress review of how the blog looked over the past twelve months…and it didn’t look pretty. Sure, on the plus side, if each hit for the blog were a person, the store’s blog hits would have filled the Sydney Opera House several times over; but one needn’t look any further than the frequency of blog updates to see how hollow wordpress’s Sydney Opera House comparison compliment actually is.

The store’s blog sat essentially unused for the better part of the year (there was literally one post between January and September.  It was late September, when I decided I should really be posting updates regularly and opted to forego longer essay-style blog posts in favour of smaller, more succinct and (most importantly) more frequent updates.

Of course, according to the wordpress annual review, those didn’t matter: four of my top five visited posts last year were of the longer and wordier variety. Not only that but they were all from the era when Imaginary Wars was simply a blog and not a store at all:


The March 2011 Isstvan V 40k Campaign-Tournament wrap-up:

My March 2011 opinion piece on the art and style of John “the-main-visionary-behind-Games-Workshop’s-visuals” Blanche:

My August 2011 update on how I was starting up Flames of War at the same time as Dave Taylor:

A piece written by my wife in April 2015 about cosplaying characters from obscure comic books:

!tanaka tattoo

And a Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game battle report from waaay back in April 2010:


Perhaps I can have my cake and eat it too: I’ll get back on that blogging horse and update regularly; once successfully doing so, I can start writing full-blown essays and polemics as updates once more. I’m sure it’s as easy as just that: just tellingmyself I’m going to do it.




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