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____BetrayalOfCalthBoxedGame12It’s Saturday, November 21st, and as I write this the “For the Children” charity tournament will be in full swing! It was October 29th that we had decided to hold off on our Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse tournament (which, due to the modifications we planned, we were going to dub “Faux-pocalypse”) due to our schedule placing it on the same weekend as the “For the Children” 40k-Warmachine-Age of Sigmar charity tournament happening this coming weekend on November 21 (there’s still time to sign up! Help a local school raise money for a playground!).

“No matter,” thought I, “we’ll just push our event back two weeks.”

Two days later, Games Workshop made it official: the release of a Horus Heresy game with over thirty Heresy-era plastic Space Marine models was no mere rumour on the internet; it was stone-cold, totally true (and the miniatures are glorious!). And suddenly we found ourselves scrambling, feverishly hyping the new starter box and simultaneously trying to ascertain demand: GW had told all independent retailers they’d get only one kick at the can with their orders for Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth starter box… least until January-February of 2016.

Needless to say, blogging for the Imaginary Wars website suddenly found itself on a back burner as we proceeded to social media the crap out of the confirmed news of the Horus Heresy box set.
With the game now out, and with our Board Game Garage Sale event now past, I was able to revisit the notion of our “Faux-pocalypse” event….and realised that with the lead time necessary for tournaments (or events of this nature), would make it so that we’d be planning it for a weekend smack dab in the middle of the Christmas season. When reality comes crashing in, it thunders: no matter how full of good intentions I am, the weeks leading up to Christmas in retail get overtaken by the needs of the store. So “Faux-Pocalypse” will be getting delayed until some time in the new year.

That said, the delaying of the 40k event in no ways means we’ve placed a moratorium on events; we still have our regular gaming nights throughout the week this month and throughout December, plus the following upcoming events:

  • Dice Masters Release Draft – Amazing Spider-Man: November 21

  • Strange Aeons Campaign Night: December 2

  • FNM Draft Night: December 4

  • Flames of War – Tanksgiving December 5

  • Age of Sigmar Campaign: starting up!


Dice Masters: Amazing Spider-Man

2015 DiceM draft

(Our event on Facebook)

The newest Dice Masters set has just been released, and we’ve decided to run a draft starting at noon on Sunday, November 21st in support of the growing number of people playing this quick, easy and fairly casual collectible dice game. Because of the variety of colours in all the dice in the game, the drafts have become known as Rainbow Drafts, and essentially we’ll be following that format. Because of our bundle deal with Dice Masters boosters, we decided that players would buy sixteen packs at the bundle price to enter the draft, rather than twelve packs at the regular price (which is also a good contingency: the basic drafts tend to go with twelve packs, though some opt for fifteen. Sixteen covers both bases.)

Draft Basics:

All players must supply their own sidekick dice and basic action cards.

1) Players divide their twelve packs into two groups of six packs.
2) Players then open the first group of six packs. The dice are placed in a community pile sorted by color for quick reference. All the cards from the packs (12 total) are put in a little stack in front of each player.

3) The group opens the other 6 packs and puts those dice in the Rainbow connection in the middle and makes a 2nd little stack.

4) Everyone takes their first stack of 12 cards (from the first 6 packs) and picks one card. That card is set aside and the remaining 11 cards are passed to the right.

5) Players continue choosing a card and passing the remaining ones to the right until all cards have been drafted.

6) Take the 2nd stack of cards (from the 2nd group of packs that were opened). Take a card and pass the stack LEFT. Rinse and repeat.

7) After all cards have been drafted, each player takes a die from the Rainbow road that matches a character. So, if a player drafted 5 Namor cards, they take 5 Namor dice.

8) Players then build their team (and pool of dice) using what they’ve drafted. The players cannot use more than 8 cards and up to 20 dice.


Well, that’s it for this week; with no Horus Heresy due out next week, I’m hoping to resume a blog update every week. Next Time, I’ll either be detailing some more events, or some comics I’ve been reading…all depends on how much time I have to write.


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