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I had to skip my blog post last week as I was scrambling to make some (what I had hoped would be) quick changes to some plans the store was working on: we were planning on running a Warhammer 40,000 Apocalypse event (for the uninitiated, “Apocalypse” is the name of the rule set that modifies Warhammer 40,000 so players wishing to play using quadruple the normal amount of models —and often even more—found in regular 40k games. It was also going to be one of our less-competitive-style tournaments, events we’ve dubbed as “Sorties” so as to differentiate them from standard tournaments.

We had started prepping for new terrain and outlining how the day was going to go …and then we realised that the date we were preparing for, the only November weekend our organiser can make it for, was problematic. On the same Saturday we were planning to run our Apocalypse Sortie is a more worthwhile event happening across the city: a tournament being run as a fundraiser to help a school buy much-needed playground equipment.

IWND podcast

It Will Not Die: Charity Tournament


The It Will Not Die podcast is a bi-weekly podcast and Facebook group. Justin, one of the guys from the podcast, happens to shop at Imaginary Wars from time to time; and it was during one of his forays to the store that I learned about him setting up a fund raiser to help his kid’s school raise money for a proper playground. As a parent with a school-aged child, I’m keenly aware of how schools have been hamstrung. I was instantly sold on the cause—and what a great way to help out: grown men playing …so kids can play!


The For the Children Charity Tournament is slated for Saturday, November 21st and will provide a full day of gaming across three game systems: Warmachine, Warhammer 40,000 and Age of Sigmar! If you hurry and register (you can do so online or down at Imaginary Wars) by November 1, the entry fee is only fifteen dollars. Still, so that more money will be raised for the playground, I’d recommend waiting until November 2nd to register! Check out the event’s blog page: they’ve put up the tournament packs for the day’s gaming.


for the kids


So as not to steal any thunder from such a good cause, I’ll hold off talking about the new date for our Apocalypse Sortie (among other events) until our next blog post.


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