We’re all collectors. Some of us collect comics, some collect miniatures and others…board games. Every Labour Day, we host an event that gives miniatures enthusiasts the opportunity to swap their leftover tidbits, buy others’ (gently) used models and the opportunity to offer unwanted parts of their own collections up for sale.


Labour Day Bitz Bazaar: the view from the store’s counter!

The Labour Day Bitz Bazaar is billed as helping enthusiasts afford the chance to get their hands on models no longer made or recoup a bit of the money they’ve poured in to their hobby (which is something we don’t really think about: “recouping costs” doesn’t really enter into a gamer’s mind …at least not until well after the fact and the splash of cold water that is reality makes us realise that the moment has truly passed, and the model will likely never be put to good use). Though that’s the main impetus behind the whole Bitz Bazaar held every Labour Day, the nice side effect is that we get a room full of like-minded people, all admiring, discussing and pouring over each other’s collections for the afternoon; though they can easily wheel and deal and browse and purchase and offer trades via several different (and popular) Facebook groups, Kijiji or eBay, what the internet can’t offer is the sense of camaraderie that is generated when a bunch of enthusiasts are doing that all in the same place at the same time.

It was after our most recent Bitz Bazaar that we decided perhaps this idea could be carried over to another medium—another one where we often see people’s enthusiasm writing cheques that their available free time sometimes just can’t cash: board games. This November, we’ll be having another “Bazaar” Sunday, this time with the moniker of “The Board Game Garage Sale.”


bg garage sale copy


So we’re inviting ALL board game enthusiasts to come down to the store on November 15th to see what table top games (no miniatures, mind you) that people are releasing from their collections!

Just as with our Bitz Bazaar, everyone is welcome to come peruse others’ collections (perchance to buy), we will be strictly enforcing a policy that only people that registered and reserve a plot for selling will be allowed to sell or trade. If you have only one board game you want to get rid of amongst your entire collection, then still Facebook, Kijiji and eBay will be the venues that will better suit your needs. After all, there is only so much real estate available inside the store!

The store is also adding an incentive to help bring the crowds in to check out all the “Garage Sale” wares: anyone who makes a purchase from the vendors and the store that day will receive a bonus 100 points per vendor they spent money on (the bonus can only be applied while a purchase is being made through the till).

The Fine Print:

To reserve a plot, you must pay $10 ahead of time; because we’re charging money to force people to stay committed (as opposed to simply make a couple of bucks), when you show up on the Garage Sale day, you will be reimbursed 1,500 Imaginary Dollars points (which, depending on which thresholds you’re currently at, could be worth anywhere from $10-25 in store credit!).
The minimum purchase required to get the bonus points will be set at twenty five dollars.

See you at the Board Game Garage Sale!

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