So I am fairly new to the world of comics, and other than some of the 1980’s George Perez Wonder Woman comics, I’ve only been collecting titles for about the last three years (since helping open Imaginary Wars, actually). An exciting three years it has been though! Maybe it shows how little I know, but it seems there are a lot of exciting titles right now. Kyle asked me to do a post for the store’s blog which I have been a bit anxious about doing. He thinks it might be a good thing that I don’t have an extensive background with comics, as it might appeal to other people just getting into comics or maybe looking for something new.

As an artist I do have a background in Fine Arts, and the first thing that catches my attention is the artwork. One title that I started reading purely because I loved the cover art by Jenny Frison was Red Sonja.
Even though I loved the art, I had been reluctant to read it because of my preconceptions about a comic book where the main character is a woman fighting in a metal bikini–perpetuating a stereotype and all that. When I finally got around to reading it, I loved it all. Red Sonja reminds me of a female Mal Reynolds (from Firefly)–a down-on-her-luck outlaw who can’t seem to get a break when all she really wants to do sit back, have a pint, and maybe a roll in the hay now and again. Very well written by Gail Simone, she is a very believable and relatable heroine, and surprising not highly sexualised in spite of the outfit. Maybe that’s also down to the fact that they chose to render the female form (throughout the comic as well as on the Frison covers) fairly accurately rather than stylized or exaggerated.
And those covers! I cannot stress enough how beautiful they are. It almost seems to me that every month the goal is simply to out-do the previous month’s cover. And talk about beautiful rendering of the female form–on the issue 9 cover Frison does an amazing drawing of the soft belly ripples when Red Sonja is crouching on a cliff wall. Refreshing to see on so many levels. All in all, a well done and entertaining read.
I think I’m just going to end this post with the amazing issue 11 cover. The composition, the pose, the lighting–all spectacular.
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