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With a name like Imaginary Wars, I find Remembrance Day to be the one day each year that I not only pay my respects to our Veterans and all those affected  by war but also reinforce that I don’t think war and service in the military is little more than a game.

However, life has been busy as of late, and I just wasn’t able to make the time to do a proper reconciliation of wargaming and war in real life (as I have in previous years)–for what it’s worth, I at least braved the cold weather (a numbing -21 C with the wind chill) and paid my respects at the ceremony held at Calgary’s Museum of the Regiments.


The view from where I stood in the crowd.


Failing to have something written up for November 11 this year, I’ve decided to take the coward’s way out and link to the older Remembrance Day post where I did just that. I feel i should tackle this topic anew each year …but I always skip out doing so as I’m sure I’ll just end up repeating myself the each time I tackle the topic.



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