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Last month, I was really hoping to get the blog up to snuff and commit getting updates done every one or two weeks. It now being four weeks after that update, I’m feeling very much like I’ve let myself down BUT I’m still only a couple weeks out from my initial intent. (I fully expect that, until I’m once more blogging weekly, my updates will always begin with an apology of some sort.)

I’ve decided to have this week’s blog post mimic the format of the last: a brief recap followed by things happening right now, followed by things on the horizon / coming down the pipes.


Remember Remember September September


September has come and gone…and “Arbor-geddon,” that 25cm two-day snowfall we got before the leaves even turned provided Imaginary Wars with a bumpier ride than we expected. Though unscathed by the September 10th slush-blizzard, all the local power was knocked out for an entire day, forcing us to stay closed. Still, it could have been worse.


The Khans of Tarkir Arrive

!!!!!!!jkhans tarkir gd

First-Place prize for October’s Khans of Tarkir Game Day is this Limited-Edition game mat!

Hot on the heels of the winter storm came the new Magic the Gathering set, “The Khans of Tarkir”, reeking destruction of its own sort—namely the minds of magic players! People have been losing their minds over the abundance of ‘Fetch Land’ cards in the set, and Khans is looking like it might even top Theros in popularity with locals at the store. Seriously, the influx of Modern* players we’ve seen coming back to play the Standard* format tournaments has really surprised us.

This weekend, we’ll be running the official Game Day for Khans; our event will start at 3:00 on Saturday, October 18; we’re hoping to see a lot of new faces to this Standard-Format event.


Flames of War: Mid-War Tournament

!!!!!!! fow tourney

What – 1500 points. 3 Rounds. Mid War Officially Approved lists and rules.
When – Saturday, October 25.
Where – Faculty Centre at Mount Royal University
(3rd floor of W-wing. Use West Gate Entrance by parking Lot 2 on map.)
Cost –
$20.00 (all towards prize support)

The weekend following the Magic Game Day, our local Flames of War club, The Regiment, will be running a tournament that Imaginary Wars is helping sponsor. Not only that, but I’ll be playing in the event as well…though sadly, not with the models I’ve been (sluggishly) working on for the last year. It’s probably just as well; I’ve barely played Flames of War and fully expect to spend my day at the tournament being the guy putting the “pantsed” in participants.

One of the club members is lending me his Canadian Rifle Company (in Italy) for the big day; seeing as how that’s the exact army I’m working on, I’m treating this excursion as a kind of dress rehearsal for my force…much like how Dieppe was a dress rehearsal for D-Day. (I expect the same rate of success for myself on October 25.)


Warmachine: Steamroller

!!!!!!!!steamroller pic

What – 50 points. 4 Rounds. Two List format. Divide and Conquer (1). Character Restrictions. Deathclock.
Cost – $20 (all towards prize support)
Start time – 9:00 am
** Space is limited to 16 players!

The day after I play Flames of War, the store will be hosting a Warmachine Steamroller event! Our local Press Ganger, Matt, runs a good show; every tournament he runs packs the store and all the players have a great time that day. Who could ask for anything more?


Games & Grog III


This event is limited to those over 18 years of age only.

What – Closed Gaming event; tickets must be purchased in advance.
When – Saturday, November 1. Doors open at 6:30pm.
Where – Imaginary Wars
Cost – $30.00

The first of November, sees the return of our premier board-gaming event! Following the quick tutorial on the world of mead by the Nathan, the owner of Fallentimber, the board games will get busted out and we’ll commence a full evening of gaming hijinks! Games and Grog remains one of our most popular events because of the camaraderie that’s always present after a full night of gaming with a good crowd of enthusiasts. Tickets went on sale on October 15, and have been selling briskly.


Warhammer 40,000 – Operation: Red Shirt


The driving idea behind this event is that of a ship-to-ship assault action, and all that might entail. First off, the participants will be grouped into two factions: Attackers and Defenders; secondly, being inside a space ship means that no vehicles will be allowed. Lastly, we’ve taken some creative licence and decided that, back-story-wise, the leaders of each faction have agreed that the casualty rate of the initial waves in any assault operation are usually horrendous…so both have opted to put their worst-quality soldiers into the first wave of Attackers and initial Defenders.

This means this event will be tasking players with making the least-optimized armies they can, utilizing only the units in their respective codices that are commonly passed over. Because competitive tournaments are already well represented in town and, well, everywhere—not to mention the fact that “competitive play” dominates the discourse on the internet—we’re actively trying to create a special event that takes a lot of pure competitiveness out of the game and asks players to play less seriously with their little men that they painted up themselves.

Other than that, we’re keeping a tight lid on details. Suffice it to say, the date has been chosen (Saturday, November 22) and the points value has been chosen (1000 points + 1 “big” individual vehicle/thing worth no more than 300 points). The rest we’re keeping as an enigma, wrapped in mysteriously and marinated in intrigue.

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