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That’s how long it’s been since I last posted on the store’s bog. Frankly, I’m embarrassed.

!IW Night Sign Poloroid copyI’d be more embarrassed if not for the fact that the store has managed to maintain pretty consistent activity on Facebook—it’s no substitute for a blog, that’s for sure; but at least it provides Polaroid-shots of moments-in-time of life, here at Imaginary Wars.

I actually came to the realisation of the extent of my blog negligence near the end of August but decided to wait until summer’s end before getting back into the swing of regularly updating the blog. And as the evidence as to why it’s called Murphy’s Law and not Murphy’s theory: no sooner had I decided to enact this plan for the first Friday of September than life got its own ideas: and here we are now, one week later, doing our first update. Sigh.

I originally hoped to not only update sooner but to put together some semblance of a recap. But one look back at the last six months with how preoccupied I’ve been by everything and I knew a recap was out of the question: it would be an arduous task for me to go about doing…and would probably be a bit of a grind just to read. Very rarely do summaries of the passage of time make for an engaging blog post.

But that’s not to say there weren’t some high-water marks…


The month of April signaled our second anniversary since opening Imaginary Wars! The month began with a bang: our anniversary fell on the same day as Geek & Sundry’s International Tabletop Day (itself also hitting its second anniversary), and the month never relented. Our anniversary, Tabletop Day, Easter and the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo—all contributed to make April a blur for us.

2nd anniversary

The summer months began with Free Comic Book Day on the first Saturday of May, and the rest of summer saw plenty of activity in the store resulting from the releases of the newest edition of Warhammer 40,000 and the newest sets for Magic the Gathering. But the feather in our cap came from being featured on the website of Battlefront Miniatures, the makers of Flames of War.

Then, in June, to commemorate the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day landings in Normandy, our local Flames of War gaming club, The Regiment, set up a to-scale table of the Canadian landing zone, Juno Beach. The sixteen-foot long table was modeled after the terrain the Canadian soldiers had faced that day (thanks to detailed research…and a few of the members having been to the actual beaches in France!). The REGIMENT also provided attacking and defending forces –scaled quantities of the actual regiments that landed and defended at Juno beach– and replayed that battle using the Flames of War rules. It was absolutely awesome, and a full after-action report can be found here on the Battlefront’s website.


! Webjuno web


Summer came to an end with a Labour Day weekend sale and another Flames of War event—this time a narrative event, set on the East Front in 1945. It was run less as a tournament and more as a series of games where the casualties from each battle would figure into the next round, thus forcing players to not only play with unequal armies as the day moved on but also to think more strategically—keeping what was important over the course of many games in focus rather than what was important for just one game.


2014 Labour Day Comic Sale

I’m just posting this here so I can enjoy it a little more once again: I had a lot of fun making this sale flyer, especially playing with the dialogue in the word bubbles to advertise the weekend’s various deals.



As busy as spring and summer has kept us, fall looks to be giving us no signs of letting up. I’m only going to briefly mention some of the things on the horizon—lest this already-lengthy update becomes an even more solid wall of text (plus, giving teasers right now allows me to dedicate whole posts in future updates to each event!).



Edmonton Comic & Entertainment Expo

We’ll be in Edmonton at the end of September for the weekend-long Comic and Entertainment Expo! We’ll have a booth and will have a great time meeting new people and catching up with all the friends we’ve made in Edmonton. Be sure to come by and say hi!


!!!Games grog banner

Games and Grog III in October

Games and Grog returns just in time for harvest! Games & Grog has become our semi-annual event where we spend an evening sampling the wares of Fallentimber Meadery and playing board games; we’ll be joined by the owners of Fallentimber who will explain what goes into making their honey wines all while enjoying the camaraderie that comes from an evening playing your favourite board games. More details will be coming soon.


Warmachine Tournament

On Sunday, October 26 our local Press Ganger will be running a Steamroller event at Imaginary Wars ! Quick details:

What – 50 points. 4 Rounds. Two List format. Divide and Conquer (1). Character Restrictions. Deathclock.
Cost – $20 (all towards prize support)
Start time – 9:00 am
** Space is limited to 16 players!



Flames of War Fall Tournament at Mount Royal University

On the same weekend as the Warmachine Steamroller, we’ll be sponsoring The REGIMENT’s Fall Classic: a Flames of War tournament set using the Mid-War army lists for Flames of War! (The Mid-War period covers the technology and troop levels of 1942-43.) Here’s the quick details:

What – 1500 points. 3 Rounds. Mid War Officially Approved lists and rules.
When – Saturday, October 25.
Where – Faculty Centre at Mount Royal University
(3rd floor of W-wing. Use West Gate Entrance by parking Lot 2 on map.)
Cost –
$20.00 (all towards prize support)



Warammer 40,000 – Operation: Red Shirt!

The central theme to this narrative event will be our challenge to the players: make the worst army you can and have the most insane time you can with said army! The event will revolve around the assault (and defence) of a ship deep in space. As with all frontal assaults and charges, the initial wave is the one fated to have the highest casualties–and possibly the most glory! With that reality in mind,  it has been decided by the Generals and top staff that those deemed most expendable will populate the first wave.

We’re still in the “brewing” stage of the event, but expect it to show up in November. Being a narrative event rather than a tournament means the story and the day’s happenings will be the focus, instead of just who wins and who loses. (For instance, while there won’t be a Best General award…there will be, however, an award for the player with the best hat!)


So There You Have It

So there’s the last six months in six paragraphs or less. We’ll be posting updates here as they solidify (or if they provide really good fodder for blog articles). For the most up-to-date happenings in the store, be sure to follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@imaginarywars).

We’re also hoping to make amends on the irregularity of our blog posts and have marshaled a few extra people to pen for us to help realise our goal of regular updates.





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7 Responses to SIX MONTHS???

  1. Paul says:

    You should totally do the red shirt event for fantasy as well. I can bring my sehenesmet ( I doubt I spelt that correctly). It’s a bone giant lich priest a few squads of ushapti and a couple of units of tomb swarms. All for 2000 pts! It’s an old list published in wd a long time ago and one of my favorite lists to play. I never win with it and one good cannon shot from the flanks will take out half my troops, but the best moments I’ve had playing wwarhammer was with that list.

  2. Adam says:

    Great stuff happening at Imaginary Wars.

  3. Adam says:

    Sounds exciting! Red shirts? Already painting some chaos possessed marines, mwahahaha…

    Can’t wait for details

  4. Shawn says:

    That redshirt tourney may be what drags me into the new edition of 40k. It always seems to be IW events to do that. It may help me finally realize my SM “angry scout”army I have pondered all these years. Perhaps even an Eldar “horde” made of all the random dudes I got seven years back.

    • I think BOTH those lists sound exciting!
      I remember your all-scouts army! (I think you played that at the “Eye of Terror / 14th Black Crusade” campaign weekend, no?) I think this upcoming event would accommodate your play style quite well–hope to see you at the store in November!

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