I was rummaging around Bell of Lost Souls…rather aimlessly and clicked on the link to Dave Taylor’s blog. It seems Mr. Taylor has begun to work on an army’s worth of German infantry for Flames of War! That felt pretty serendipitous, considering my post yesterday.

He mentions that whereas it’s cool to field tank formations in 15mm, it’s that much cooler to field infantry companies in 15mm…which is what got me also interested in fielding my army. Unfortunately, seeing him getting started on infantry for Flames of War is a bit of a blow to my morale: there’s NO way I’ll be able to keep my painting pace close to him; the guy is a painting and converting machine! Still, it’s cool to see others getting bit by the FoW bug!

Dave’s Germans–I’m enjoying it while it lasts: right now I’ve got more painted than he does!

For those not in the know, Dave Taylor is one whirlwind of a hobby dynamo, a dervish of painting and converting ability. Mr. Taylor, if memory serves, hails from Australia where he worked for Games Workshop (as editor of the Australian White Dwarf…I think) and then worked for GW USA’s hobby studio for a while before then being let go a couple of years back…which baffled many GW fans.

He made a mark on a generation of hobbyists from his ability to build, convert and paint a staggering quantity of models at an amazing level of skill—especially considering that he tended to work solely on full, playable armies, not just squads or single figures.

The 100% converted army: the Adeptus Custodes army.; only the vehicles approach something resembling “stock” models!

Dave Taylor’s Imperial Guard Genswick 33rd Rifles.

In my mind, a lot of his  renown is owed to two of his projects: the “Genswick 33rd Rifles” Imperial Guard army and his army of Adeptus Custodes (the bodyguards of mankind’s Emperor); the guy had done plenty of other things, but these were the ones in my mind that showed how awesome GW’s hobby could be. His projects really showed normal gamers how GW’s games really did encourage—and reward—people for investing themselves into the armies they collected and painted, and also showed how one could reach for the brass ring if he so chose.

Dave is now working for the Wargames Illustrated magazine, having been brought on board there shortly after his tenure at Games Workshop ended—proof indeed that when one door closes, more doors open.Ah well, GW’s loss, I guess.

Here are some more pictures of his Genswick 33rd Rifles, taken from a White Dwarf magazine quite a few years ago.

A lot of people consider finishing a stock-model Imperial Guard army to be a minor triumph–even when it isn’t infantry heavy.

Completely converting the an Imperial Guard army from Warhammer Fantasy Bretonnian figs walks the fine line between brilliance and insanity.

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