A bit more of a mundane post today: my painting projects.

It’s been a while since I put any pictures up of my own stuff. And, just like trying to post much more regularly, I’m hoping to regularly put up more pictures of my own stuff: older models, things just finished and things still on the go.

To satisfy the last two points, included today are some pictures of the Space Marine Terminators whose work-in-progress pictures I posted way back in March (was it that long ago?). So here they are—not finished yet, but oh so very close! All that really remains are details that will be based on the back story I have yet to give my Marines. But that can’t happen until I make some decisions on what I envision as the back story to my army (more on that below).

Can you spot the problem with this squad?

Yes, I know they look like Imperial Fists.

But I assure you they aren’t Imperial Fists.

As I said before, my army started up simply as me wanting to try out a new way of doing yellow for squads of models (white primer + Elf Flesh basecoat + Yellow Ink).

Terminators….So Many Terminators

As luck would have it, the decision of which models I would do up next just sort of fell into my lap: while cleaning up my work space, I came upon sprue after sprue of Marine Terminators: it eventually turned out that I had enough sprues and starter-set termies to make another fifteen Terminators(!)—I don’t know how I own so many, but I do. Mix with discover the fact that, while having so much fun putting them together, I had built that first Terminator squad in a way that made them unplayable: in a five-man squad I’m not allowed to have both and Assault Cannon and a Cyclone Missile Launcher.

So, while I was deciding that I needed to build an extra Terminator in order to be able to sub the heavy weapons from battle to battle, I came up with the stupidly “brilliant” thought of “why don’t I make it so that I can accurately model this one Terminator squad in every possible configuration with all these extra models I own?”

I mean, magnetising weapon options is for suckers, right? RIGHT?

With this project in mind, I thought I’d do this whole “work in progress” thing a little better this time around as well—my March 11 post was me admitting I screwed up and failed to regularly update as I went along with that first batch of five Terminators. So here are all the Terminators I plan on getting done; I’ve skipped taking photos of them being built as nobody wants to see stock models in the stages of being built. (Though it should be noted that I’ve included parts from the Black Templars upgrade box set and helmets from the Grey Knights plastic Terminators to these Terminators.)

TO further the (slow) progress I’m making with these guys, I hung out at my local Games Workshop last week and got all the models base coated Elf Flesh while there. And in an act that would surely have been seen as quite confusing to anyone who has gotten into GW’s The Hobby™ in only the last couple of years, I then pulled out my bottle of Citadel Yellow Ink.

Two examples of Stage One: Basecoat with Elf Flesh Paint

Stage 2: Liberally apply Yellow Ink (Comparison to Stage 1)

So that’s where I am right now with all my Terminators!

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