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The last couple of months in my non-online, non-gaming life have been hectic and more than a little distracting for me …meaning I just haven’t had the energy or frame of mind to do much posting here. Not that things have changed for me at all, but it has been too long since I last posted; so I thought a quick post (at the very least) today was in order.

Of course, fresh in my brain is the double-whammy price increase announced by Games Workshop this month. I’m not going to be a hater, but their move is doubly disappointing:

The first disappointment is the annual price increase…which really was no surprise, but still…I find myself every year hoping that that year will be the year they skip raising their prices.

(I still remember the days when I worked at Workshop and price increases weren’t done annually like clockwork…and when they were done, they were more like an adjustment: 30-35% of the items chosen had their prices go down and 65-70% had their prices go up. So, for the record, my hoping for a “skip” year in GW’s price increases is not fueled by mind-altering drugs, unlike GW’s business model is…as well as their perception of reality.)

The second disappointment is the new line of Finecast models: old metal sculpts now cast in resin.  I have a friend who runs his own miniatures company as my source when I say that resin is cheaper in price than metal is. There is no reason for this price increase other than the company doggedly sticking to adage of “the shareholders’ demand we be as profitable as possible–no exception.” (It’s been my belief that this line of thinking in corporations is one of the greatest evils of our time and is the source of unnecessary strife, suffering and destruction.)

So…barring the rapture not occurring on May 21, 2011, will June 1 be the day the gaming stops?

Games Workshop Club Room

Image by barnoid via Flickr

–Obviously, that’s not likely at all. But it might be a date that gets traced back as being a turning point in Games Workshop’s business.

And I don’t say this to imply that the sky is falling.

My point is, in the last 6 months –BEFORE news of this double price increase– how many of you had started branching out into non-Workshop games?

With the two new increases afoot, how many of you now find the idea of trying out a different game system (and company) at least mildly enticing?

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7 Responses to Been away far too Long….

  1. Porky says:

    Good post. A reasonable approach and informative with it.

    • imaginarywars says:

      I always try to rein in my nrrrd rage and think things through …at least a little bit.

    • imaginarywars says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty excited about the Avatars if War Dwarven Slayers! I never knew the price for them was going to be that awesome though!

  2. While I *sort of* agree – I have been somewhat reliably informed that a lot if not ALL of the metal models have been/are being re-cast for Finecast.

    This explains the rise, as the cost of that alone runs to tens of millions.

    I guess we shall see in the financial report, later in the year.

    • imaginarywars says:

      I started to reply to this….and then it became an essay. So I decided to make that essay a post!
      Thanks for the comments!

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