A bit of back story:

In 2006 Games Workshop Canada–before it was shut down and enveloped by GW USA and renamed GW North America–was doing their cross-country tour of Conflict tournaments/hobby celebrations–think of them as a biggish tournament accompanied by a Games-Day-type set up but 1/100th the size of Games Day. Anyways, ‘Workshop had asked retailers to run megabattle-style gaming tables at the Conflict. We decided to do a beach landing table that would also double as a city fight table. Highly unlikely table, you say? No more unlikely than what greeted the Canadian soldiers in  World War II who stormed Juno Beach in Normandy or raided the port of Dieppe. (Both beaches were met almost immediately by a sea wall and buildings.)

Dieppe. Note how close the city is to the beach.

Canadians on Juno Beach: June of ’44.

Anyways, this post isn’t about the table we ran at the Calgary Conflict in 2006 (though maybe I should dig up some pics of the result of our efforts); it’s more about one of the armies we had on that table top: we had decided to populate half the table with Space Marines invading from the sea (the other half were Tau, holed up in the city –I think the Tau codex was relatively new when we schemed this up). Because we were providing both a table and hosting a complete battle ; we had to paint a decent amount of marines (and Tau) up in a hurry. So, I put on my ‘paint it fast’ hat and got three tactical squads, a command squad and a commander done up in a couple of weeks (plus we did up a crashed Landspeeder as an objective, and one of the guys converted a Razorback into a Space Marine amphibious-style lander). Though they were far from perfect, the models were painted to an above-average standard, leaving me always itching to have the marines play in games more substantial than just Sunday mega battles.

Here’s where we (finally) get to the gist of this post: I’ve decided to finish those models into a proper army. Quite a while back, I started on some Terminators to beef up that force I made for that Conflict event so long ago now. Shortly before Christmas I (more or less) finished the Terminators –I have to write a few names on some scrolls , but that’s all that’s left now–so I thought I’d show the pics of these models shortly after they were started. Once I get all the “name tags” done up, I’ll post the finished products.

So these are the early stages of the terminators; as you can tell, I start with white primer. White primer (surprisingly) seems is becoming a radical first step in painting miniatures –even when going with colours like yellow. Unlike every other guy out there who painstakingly applies layer after layer of yellow on top of the primer coat, my first coat is done with Elf Flesh. I then ink the Elf Flesh with a heavy inking (as heavy as ink can be) of yellow ink.

(At this point, I’d like to send out a mighty ‘screw you’ to Games Workshop for discontinuing their ink line in favour of their new-fangled wash ‘system’ that works in a totally different way than the inks did. Whereas I do know that some inks sold in famously low quantities, discontinuing the entire ink line is a vote on GW’s part against servicing the hobby they supposedly support.   /rant)

Back to the terminators, the pictures evidence that I’ve done not just the base coating and shading but also half (probably more) of the highlighting that the yellow gets in my paint scheme. The highlights are pretty close to being done but aren’t quite there yet.

So that’s it for me today; I really need to finish the models –that is, get them from the 99% done to the 100% done stage. I think it’s just name plates that remain…..which sucks because I’m moderate at best when it comes to writing tiny legible words.

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