This weekend, the Horus Heresy was launched.


Several Space Marine legions under the command of the Warmaster Horus, betrayed and butchered Marines in service to the Emperor of mankind, leaving few alive.

Well, the Horus Heresy weekend tournament has wrapped up, and what a great weekend! Seriously, I’ve never finished up a tournament feeling as positive as this one! The tournaments we run tend not to be hyper competitive, and this one exemplified this (despite the quantity of HARD lists that were at the tournament).

I have to give full credit to my partners in crime: Nathan and Teri (together, they run the Conquest-Calgary Blog; plus Nathan is one half of the JadedGamer Podcast); Nathan and Teri came up with the idea of having the players decide pairings each round by ….wait for it  ….by having the players decide each round who they were going to play!

Crazy, right?

Not so! We ran the tournament as usual, marking the scores as usual; and then would display the player list, arranged from lowest battle points to highest (modified by our relativistic composition scoring system). Then, the guy with the lowest score would choose who he wanted to play by looking at the master and decide just how much he wanted to challenge himself.

All in all, the system worked FAN-tastically!

It was great, really; the top-dog players got last pick, so the chances of mis-matched pairings really went down. Only turn one was everything left to chance.

Anyways, I’m kind of exhausted and will post over the next few days about my thoughts about the tournament (plus details…’cause if you don’t live in Calgary, you likely have heard little-to-nothing about this tournament. Apart form the very crumb-like morsels I’ve dropped hear a couple times).

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3 Responses to Massacre at Isstvan V Tournament: Finis!

  1. Thomas says:

    Congrats on the great tournament. I wish I could have attended and have only heard great reviews of it. Planning on doing another?

    • imaginarywars says:


      The prep for this was a bit of a grind for myself, and the week leading up to the event was pretty stressful; BUT the weekend itself was pretty fun to run. The further we got away from the initial round, the smoother things got. I think it’s safe to say that by lunch time on Sunday, we were all having fun. All of us: the players, the organisers, the film crew; all of us.

      As for another big tournament like this; it’s a bit early to say anything. We have yet to do our post mortem, where we review the tournament and figure out what went right (and wrong), what we liked what we didn’t like and what we could realistically improve.

      Good to know that people are saying good things about the weekend though!

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