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“If only Christmas ended when Christmas ended.”

So it’s the 7th of January. All the other blogs are talking about new Year’s  resolutions and plans for the coming year, and I seem to be stuck working 12-hour days every day this week (I even tried to use up one of my stat holidays in lieu of having to work Boxing Day …to no effect).

But enough pissing and moaning from me.

I don’t know that I have any resolutions so much as I have things on the chopping block that I need / would like to attend to:



My top priority is a two-way tie between Myth-a-Con’s 40k Doubles’ Tournament that I’ve agreed to lend a hand with some infrastructure stuff and the Istvaan V tournament that I, along with Nathan and Teri (from Conquest-Calgary), have been working on. I’m behind schedule with getting the infrastructure details and peripherals sent off to the Myth-a-Con folks as well as getting the Istvaan player’s pack and game play specifics hammered out. (If I’m not careful, I’m liable to get another one of those panic attacks I got back in my university days.)



I’m eager to get in some more games of War of the Ring–after the close game I had just before Christmas season hit full force, even without having painted anything new, I’d like to get back on the horse and earn a new victory to erase the defeat I suffered in that last game. I’m hoping, working under the assumption that I will get item #1 (above) sufficiently under control post-haste, that I’ll get in a War of the Ring game –or two– during the next ten days. Ah, one can dream. I also have a Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game soiree coming up on January 21 against a few friends. Last time we all got together (see here) we had a TON of fun, complete with great snacks, a selection of fine cheeses and several bottles of wine being consumed over the course of the evening. I’m really looking forward to this upcoming evening and am hoping to find the time to paint up something new to spring on my friends’ armies.



I’m not sure if this should take precedence over point number four or not, but I’m quite envious of my wife’s ability to do a weekly post on her blog –complete with the necessary work that predicates each week’s entry. I’d like to be posting more often than three times every seven weeks (I think that’s about what my average is). I don’t lack for ideas: I’d like to do a wrap-up piece on the Dream Team 40k doubles’ tournament I ran in the fall, a battle report covering the game of Warhammer I played against JadedGamer Casts’ own Lange back at the end of summer, and a few opinion bits as well (following up on the fallout of how CCGs have further ruined this hobby …I’m thinking of a tag line something like “Pick-up Games: Slightly Less Shame than Masturbation” that discusses how the current gaming landscape has decided that only tournaments legitimise game play. …I still need to let this idea stew in my cranium for a bit so I can sufficiently flesh it out and (somewhat) sensibly make an argument for such a blatantly inflammatory title.



Strange Aeons: a miniatures skirmish game where you control a team of X-Files-esque government agents as they investigate and battle supernatural and eldritch horrors …and the cults that summon them. But set in the 1920s. The game plays quite a bit like Call of Cthulhu meets Mordheim.

I discovered this game at Cal-Con last year (about the only thing that was good at Cal-Con last year) and have been working towards getting some games in –which I did just before the start of the Christmas retail scramble that is December. There’s no real reason for me dragging my feet: to get started in the game one only needs three miniatures (if one’s friends have some bad guys done up). I’ve managed to get my team painted and have managed to also get a bunch of cultists and some other Lurkers (the game’s catch-all term for all the “team evil” models) painted up. I’ll try to get pics of what’s done so far posted in an update …sooner rather than later, hopefully.

Shameless plug: Tuesday nights at the store are dedicated to Strange Aeons games, which should better facilitate my ability to play more games.


HEAVY GEAR-Build, Paint, Play

Cover of the Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded...

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This is feeling more like a pipe dream, thinking that I’ll play some Heavy Gear. That said,  I do own quite a few models, and I have been working on some terrain recently. The game is also quite good, and it’s been looking like it’s starting to show up on other peoples’ radars, so maybe it’s conceivable progress will be made this year–especially because I know three other people who bought some Heavy gear stuff the same time I did waaay back a couple years ago, meaning if I get things set up, I could quite likely have a few opponents willing to give the game a spin. Which means I could be playing some Heavy Gear before 2012….just in time for the end of the world too.



This is in the same orbit as Heavy Gear is: it’s a bit of a pipe dream, but I have everything I need to get the thing up and running. I just need to be more solid with the rules and dedicate myself to writing up a campaign.

Still… how much spare time do I think I have?

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  1. Adam Krasey says:

    HEAVY GEAR, I have some models I bought years and years ago and would love to learn how to play this. We should definatly get together to do this

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