So I finished creating, organising and running two tournaments in two weeks; this past weekend was a very successful 40k doubles tournament, the week before was Warhammer fantasy.

Thus closes my hectic fall schedule, and makes way for ….my hectic Christmas schedule. Sigh. Retail certainly is a bitch-goddess: what she gives with one hand she takes with the other.

Anyways, with the minor respite I’ve been given, I decided to take up an offer and participate in my friends’ podcast, the Jaded Gamer Cast. I’ve known both of the show’s hosts for years now (I worked for years at Games Workshop with the main host, Lange, and though I barely worked with the other host, Nathan, he was a regular customer for years before he eventually joined up with GW).

I had a blast doing the show! The only part that wasn’t awesome was how the setup in my basement meant Nathan and I had to huddle by my computer: our headphone cords weren’t long enough to allow us to sit across the room from my noisy, noisy computer. Still, we had fun talking about Dark Eldar, making fun of the European Team Championships Warhammer Tournament rules–I even managed to call Lange’s Black Coach a cheater mobile (as I had a few times when he and I played the week before–but I’m getting ahead of myself: that’s a topic I’ll be posting on in the upcoming days).

It’s a bit much to call me a guest host, seeing as how they’re only on their second episode; still I liked the first episode they did (and was a fan of how the episodes clock in at just over an hour), and I highly recommend giving their podcast a listen.

Jadedgamercast link.

ETC Warhammer Rules

(The ETC link is to the first draft; you can navigate your way to later drafts, but the first really shows the mindset of these fellows.)

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4 Responses to Almost famous…DEFINITELY jaded

  1. Kevin Kent says:

    Glad the tournies went well, and thanks for the heads-up for the new podcast! I’m listen to a LOT of gaming podcasts, so it’s nice to have a new (and local) voice to listen to. 🙂

  2. Where’s the pics from our game Kyle? *wink nudge post’em*

  3. Adam Krasey says:

    NO updates makes Adam sad, though you did good on the podcast, I thought it was very interesting your take on turnies, and wait for a new update to your blog!

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