Civic election: over. History has been made. Time to talk 40k!

So I’ve wrapped up the player’s pack for the doubles tournament, and I’m now finalising the missions. I don’t want to say too much as I know there’s going to be a certain contingent of meta-hounds present at the tournament. And meta-players live for any and all information they can get their hands on. And with me being the guy who values the Christmas-mornings where I don’t know *exactly* what I’m getting for gifts, and being the kind of guy who purposely skips movie trailers so as to be surprised by things in the (few) movies I go and see, you can bet that I place a premium on presenting a tournament where not all things will be known ahead of time by the participants.

If you’d like to download the player’s pack for this tournament, it can be found here.

Still, here’s some basic run-downs of how the tournament will work:


Oct 30th: Army lists due.
Players who submit their army lists by this deadline will receive a discount coupon for use at Great White.

Nov 6th: The big day of the tournament.
Southcentre Mall opens at 9:30; the community-room/tournament doors open at 9:45.


Best Team Score
Awarded to the team with the highest score at the end of the day.

Best Individual Score
Awarded to the person with the highest personal score at the end of the day.

Painting Purple Heart Award
Best Army Presentation award. Awarded according to player votes.

Best Sportsmanship Award
Awarded for best conduct in the tournament. Awarded according to player votes.

All players that play in the Dream Team 40k Doubles Tournament and have submitted their army lists by October 30th will receive a discount coupon for Great White on the day of the tournament. The coupon will be usable for up to 30 days after the tournament. (Expiry date of December 7, 2010.)

As detailed in the player’s pack, the Team score will be based on:

Battle Points: each round of the tournament teams will generate up to 32 points towards their team score (following the system per pairing of a loss=1 pt, a draw=5 pts, a win=10 pts and up to 6 further secondary objective points can be scored).

Sportsmanship & Conduct: 9 points per pairing per round (so the entire team will earn up to 18 points per round of the tournament)

Army Presentation: teams will rate each army from opposing teams before the tournament begins for a total team score of  20 points. During the tournament, judges will judge armies based (mostly) on completeness and the average between the four players’ scores will be added to the team presentation score.

Theme Bonus: a small bonus amount of points that will be awarded according to the mix of armies on a team. The total amount of points can only count for 9% of the team points total –and really, the spread between top points and minimum points awarded can count for only 5% of the total team score (so this really is just a small amount of bonus points designed to eliminate the possibility of any ties occurring).

Also detailed in the player’s pack, is the idea that there will not only be a top team, but a top single player. The Individual Player score will be based on:

Kill Points: Plain and simple, the amount of kill points your army scores through the tournament will contribute to your personal glory. Kill Points will be awarded according to which squad delivered the final killing blow to an enemy squad or vehicle, or to who most recently killed models in a fleeing enemy squad, or who “escorted” a fleeing unit off the table. Kill stealing is allowed. As is scoring Kill Points due to “friendly fire” incidents.

Secret Objectives: Before each battle, each player will draw their army’s SECRET objective for that battle. This objective isn’t even revealed to one’s allies!

Sportsmanship & Conduct: A player’s personal score for sportsmanship and conduct will add to his own individual score (before it gets averaged for his team performance for that round). At the end of the day, players also vote for on who they felt displayed the best sportsman-like attitude; getting votes earns a player points towards his individual score.

Army Presentation: A player’s personal painting score –plus any ‘Best Painted’ votes–also earn him points towards his personal score.

So with all that out of the way, I just have to get the personal objectives done up, the missions finalised and the player input sheets done up. Plus take care of some last loose ends with the Fantasy tournament I’ll be running next weekend.

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3 Responses to 40k Doubles Tournament: November 6!

  1. Lothaire says:

    Any options for singles? I’m a late-comer to this party, so I don’t have a team-mate to sign up with. Any chance there are others out there who need partners that can be matched up on the day?

    • imaginarywars says:

      Email me (imaginarywars@gmail.com); there’s a few guys who are in the same boat as you and are still trying to organise themselves. If I can get your particulars BEFORE Great White’s Thursday 40k gaming night, I’ll pass your info on to them.

  2. theDINGbat says:

    It’s game on baby! With an 11th hour registration and list build, The 4 Guys are in the house! (Hopefully we can get those 89 minis repaired and painted on time…)

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