(I’m posting this more to serve as a reminder for myself to keep posting whenever I can.)

So August is about done…thankfully.

It’s been a busy and stress-filled month for me, and hopefully I can get back to posting (somewhat) regularly in the coming weeks. I’ve been all kinds of busy and stressed and busy some more (and stressed some more) this summer, with it culminating in August. The stress has been coming from work-related issues and somewhat-work-related issues; that when combined with my fairly hectic home life this month (doing lots of summer fun stuff and  hosting a steady stream of house guests …which I’m not at all complaining about) has resulted in me having little time to concentrate on doing any writing for this blog.

On the good news side of things; I did manage to paint up some Strange Aeons stuff and am working on a few more models right now as well.For those not in the know, Strange Aeons is a miniatures game that takes the Cthulhu mythos, throws in a dash of Hellboy and gene-splices it with GW’s old Mordheim game.

I met the game’s author / owner at a couple of conventions this last year and am quite enamoured with the system. I’ll try to get pictures of the models I’ve painted so far posted here sometime soon.

Cover of the Heavy Gear Blitz! Locked & Loaded...

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I also rediscovered / stumbled upon my stash of old(ish) Heavy Gear models, which prompted me to delve back into the Heavy Gear Blitz: Locked & Loaded rulebook recently. I think I really want to get some games in!

I played the original RPG and tactical game back in the 90s, and I bought (but barely read) the minis rules that were released shortly thereafter …which were apparently HIGHLY unplayable (and ultimately replaced by a second edition of minis rules that made the game even more unplayable).

Despite the terrible title of this edition’s book (the title practically advertises that the game’s authors aren’t comfortable with all the rewrites it has endured), the Locked and Loaded rules are looking AWESOME. I’ve read through them entirely now and am thinking heavily at trying to incorporate parts of L&L’s objectives system into future 40k campaign tournaments. That, and I want to get enough Gears painted up from different factions so I can try to rope some friends into playing the game.

I also managed to (mostly) play a game of Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition this month. I was hesitant to play: my Empire army had not fared well in 7th edition (tangental side-note:  a lot of that was due to a lack of enthusiasm on my part to rebuild the entire army from the ground up, –and paint scads of new stuff– just to raise the Empire’s potential past that of  sucking to that of being a regular under-performer).

Apologies are in order for the shoddy movement tray holding the sixty-man halberdier regiment.

So, it was with some trepidation that I pulled the Empire army out and faced off against my friend–who I hadn’t hung out with in a long while and who was coming from out-of-town to play me (and who had spent a considerable amount of energy trash-talking me and trying to shame me into playing: two things that really made me want to play the game less. Yeah, I’m so fragile).

Facing my Empire –the new “best” army in 8th Edition– was my friend’s Ogre Kingdoms, the other new “best” army in 8th Edition. (Though regular readers of Bell of Lost Souls will recall that according to BoLS, ALL the armies in are the new “best” army in this edition!)

After maxing their dice roll, the Flagellants got the charge on the Rhinox regiment. The Flagellants lasted five minutes.

We took our ham-fisted understanding of the (barely read) 8th Edition rulebook and played through a game….mostly. We had to call the game about two-thirds way through. At that point I was firmly in Minor Victory territory –but my hold on that level of Victory was tenuous at best: the Ogres had managed to maul and destroy a third of my army in one turn (on top of the damage they did in the turns previous), and my dice had helped me take my artillery out of the game in the same turn as well. So, yeah, we decided to call the game a draw. Still, I had a good time –something I honestly haven’t had with Warhammer Fantasy Battles for a good year or so now.

The Steam Tank damaged itself two turns in a row trying to generate steam power to kill that last Ogre. The Ogre lived.

The last highlight of August was that I found another opponent for War of the Ring –and got a couple of games in as well! I played one game with a hobbled-together Gondor-Numenor army (using the myriad models I have painted up for building LotR Strategy Battle Games forces) against my new opponent’s Angmar army. The other game was against one of the guys I work with; he took the store’s Rohan army for a test drive against my Angmar force…and he walked all over me (entirely my fault: I took all infantry and no spell casters; the game was lost the moment I failed to kill his cavalry by turn 2).

So there was my month: not much painting done –but a surprising amount of games played (before this post, I honestly thought the WFB game was the only gaming I had done all month!).

Goals for September? Paint something up for the painting competition on September 19; finish up the Serpent People for Strange Aeons; dabble with painting some Heavy Gear models; play some Warhammer; play some more War of the Ring (which is becoming my favourite game right now). On top of that, I have to run a painting competition and prep for running an October Warhammer Fantasy Battles tournament and a November Warhammer 40,000 tournament.

And post more on this blog.

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6 Responses to End of a Stressfull Month

  1. LANGESMASH! says:

    So what army should I bring next time? I am going to be in town for the scotch tasting come November….

    I promise not to talk so much trash if you promise to have yer army list ready before we play next time 😉

    I had fun in that game.

    • imaginarywars says:

      Yeah, I TOTALLY dropped the ball on being ready for the game we played (see back to August being a stress-fest for me).
      I’ll look into when the Scotch fest is happening (I think it’ll be on a weeknight though …I think it was on a Thursday last time), and figure out what my army needs to have painted up next. I’d like to think I need a Hellstorm Rocket battery –even though all my artillery died on the same turn.

      • LANGESMASH! says:

        Well, I have some impending vacation time to waste before the end of the year. Some-such pro-rates nonsense 😉

        Oh, and as a side note: Trash talking you was no energy at all.

        But aaaaaaaanyways, I don’t paint a rocket battery. Those suck I hear. You should paint something that won’t reap my Ogres so completely 😛 OH, and you forgot to mention how that Irongut turned around with 1 wound left and charged your prone steamtank. It was glorious!

  2. imaginarywars says:

    …that whole episode with the Irongut musta’ happened in your dreams that night.

  3. Twalks says:

    Whats the tournament your running in november for 40k?? I might even have to paint a model up for that painting competition 😛

    • imaginarywars says:

      I was going to reply immediately, but decided instead to get today’s post up instead …seeing as how it gives you details to both things you mentioned!

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