With the New Warhammer game out now, I know I should run a Warhammer tournament in the not-too-distant future–and I really want to focus on getting one up and running.

But I can’t get the idea out of my head of doing a 40k tournament where players have to be more inventive with their lists: where no duplicate entries are allowed in the players’ lists. That thought was coined (I think) as a “Highlander” list by Bell of Lost Souls’ own Goatboy in a BoLS post (link here –though some of the extra details he threw around have been edited out).

I’m pretty excited by the concept of a tournament where every player’s army has the limitation of having a maximum of one of each kind of vehicle or squad from their codex in their list. (The exception to the ‘There-Can-Be-Only-One’ rule would be Troops choices: the limitation their would be that no two Troops choices can be identical in points or load out).

Do I think this should be a standard for tournaments or a way of determining army comp guidelines? No.

But I do think there would be quite a few players who would have fun rethinking their armies from the ground up and trying to make a workable list under those guidelines–really, the exciting prospect lies in that your army will be facing up against other armies built under the same crazy pretenses (least-wise that’s the part that excites me!). I do believe that many players would end up having a great time after they got past the initial shock of being thrown into the deep using (and playing against) such weird lists, and there would be some self-discovery among some who learned a little more about creating synergy through variety in their army (as opposed to reliability through redundancy). While rinse-and-repeat unit selection when building army lists does much to increase the reliability of an army’s performance, it also makes armies predictable–which, really, can be both bad and good.

But for me, with the rinse-and-repeat method of squad/vehicle selection, the biggest con against it is that it’s boring. Instead of there being six to twelve exciting things in your army, you opt for one-to-three elements plus an HQ. Effective? Yes. Exciting? Not so much–or rather, the effects of the battle and its outcome provide the only real excitement in the game; the units themselves play along in a rather chess-like fashion (not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I have to ask: if you want your 40k army to play with chess-like precision, why aren’t you just playing chess?).

I’m more posting this to flesh out my thoughts on this a little and also so that I have it as a reminder for later (so that I don’t forget this line of thought for a future tournament).

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