14th Black Crusade: Saturday Night, June 26

So after a day of battling it out at the tournament, what better way to wind down than participate in a big Battlefleet Gothic game? I know! Perfect, right?

The Battlefleet Gothic board will also have some special objectives for use in the 40k battles happening on the Sunday portion of the tournament.  We’ll also be throwing together a game of Apocalypse–but who the hell cares about Apocalypse when there’s some Battlefleet Gothic gaming to be had?

I’d go into some more detail, but I’m busy putting some finishing touches on the tourney (not to mention the Battlefleet Gothic scenario). Did I mention that I’ll be supplying some models? I’ll be bringing (roughly) a 2000-point fleet of Orks and about 1200 points of Imperial Navy? All for other people to use so they can try out Battlefleet Gothic. I think I also have a couple of Chaos cruisers painted up that will tag along with the rest of my stuff.

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