So I just got home from Great White, and there were close to a dozen people ( ! ) there to play in the Week One of the 14th Black Crusade lead-up event (running in the store each week this month). A dozen people! I’m pretty pleased with that; also, everyone seemed pretty jazzed about the perks they got just for showing up to play. I think the re-roll tokens are going to be a hit.

Above, I’ve posted the Special Event cards that will be raffled off at Great White on their Thursday-40k nights (the tables open up for play at 4:30 and people start showing up between then and 5:30; gaming continues until the mall closes at 9pm). The way it’s working is: everyone gets a raffle ticket when they play a game (whether they’ve registered already for the tournament or not), and if they win their game they get a second raffle ticket.

Because 40k is being supported by Great White on both Thursday nights and Saturdays in June, raffle tickets will be handed out on both days, making each week’s draw for the Special Event card happen at the start of the next Thursday 40k-gaming night. Before any games begin that Thursday, a ticket will be pulled from the raffle pile and the winner gets that week’s Special Event card –provided he’s now registered in the tournament; if he isn’t yet registered, a new ticket will be drawn. All tickets drawn that night will be thrown out.

I’m in favour of handling the raffle this way as it doesn’t discourage people from registering later on; if some one has been playing in the lead up all month and finally registers in the last week, he’ll have all those tickets from the previous game already in the raffle box to ensure he still has an okay chance of winning a Special Event card. I’ve always liked formats that focus on being inclusive (rather than exclusive) and think handling the raffling of the special cards this way will encourage more people to participate.

You’ll also notice that some of the cards have added benefits if played in the Rubicon Straits battle zone of the tournament; this is where the Sector passes come in to play. The Sector Passes help ensure that those with Special Event cards in Round One are able to play their cards in the system they’ve fought in all month (at Great White, the system is the Rubicon Straits). If too many people all play their Sector Pass on Round One, preference will be given first to those with Special Event cards, second to maximize on good-evil pairings, and third to maximize variety.

As I mentioned in the first paragraph, everyone showing up to play in the lead-up games gets a Re-Roll token. And they get one each week they show up (and that’s the maximum per week: ONE). The Re-Roll token allows a player to re-roll (duh!) a single D6 roll during any game played during the lead-up event or during the tournament. I’ve decided to go with a ruling that a maximum of THREE tokens can be brought to the tournament –just in case any players end up playing at both Great White and the Games Workshop in Chinook mall (or GW & Myth, or …you get the point).

Tomorrow or the next day, I’ll touch on the grudge matches we’ll be allowing in Round One of the tournament, where players can opt to choose their opponent in the first round of the tournament. Also, the classic Saturday-night mixer at the tournament will be running a Battlefleet Gothic game that will have in-game repercussions on the tournament’s Sunday games. We’ll be providing a certain amount of stuff, so owning your own BFG stuff will NOT be a prerequisite to playing some ‘Gothic.

Until then….

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