For those who haven’t scoured the players pack, we’ll be doing some lead-up events in the weeks preceding the tournament weekend. Two Games Workshop locations: GW Chinook Mall in Calgary and GW Kingsway Garden Mall in Edmonton will be running lead-up games throughout June. Also, the independent retailers, Great White Entertainment and Myth Games (both in Calgary) will be doing likewise.

So what’s the deal with these lead-up games?

Sneak Attack!

All the games being played ahead of the tournament represent the initial skirmishes being fought before the hostilities fully erupt. These battles give those playing a pro-Chaos army (the tournament refers to these as the Forces of Destruction) a chance to get a head start in the campaign: all victories scored by these factions will lower the initial degree of Imperial control in a select few sectors. Which store you play your battles in determines which sector your victories will count toward:

GW Chinook will be handling all battles taking place in the Perilous Stair (first leg of the Arx Gap: one of the less stable paths out of the Eye of Terror).

GW Kingsway Garden Mall will be handling the hive world, Chima Lomas, in the Nemesis Tessera sector.

Great White and Myth Games will have their battles affect the Rubicon Straits, a treacherous causeway that leads to the naval yards of Bellis Corona …and ultimately Cadia.

Tournament Perks:

Players can also gain tournament perks simply by playing at participating stores during the lead-up events.

Sector Defence

With their determining the initial defence values of three systems in the Eye of Terror, players will earn one Sector Defence card that will allow them to begin the tournament in the battle zone belonging to the store they played at in the lead-up events.

(I’m not sure if I mentioned it already or not, but this tournament will also be different in that tables will be clumped together to represent a battle zone. The combined scores of ALL the tables in a battle zone will be used to determine how much of the defenders the Forces of Destruction have destroyed there that turn. Players will switch battle zones pretty much every round so as to ensure playing the greatest variety of opponents.)

Re-Roll Tokens

Each week a player games at one of the participating stores, they will gain a Re-Roll Token that can be used either in the lead-up event or be saved for the tournament weekend. A maximum of three tokens can be earned by one players.

Special Event Card

Lastly, the most exciting reason to participate in the lead-up games is for a chance to win a Special Event card playable in the first round of the tournament! Even though there are six cards, only ONE card can be won per week: going either to a Forces of Destruction player or to a Forces of the Imperium player. This means not only does getting a Special Event card from the lead-ups gain you a cool ability in the first round of the tournament, it also keeps your opponents from gettingĀ  one.

(True to the old Eye of Terror world-wide campaign GW ran back in 2003, this campaign will present opportunities for players to earn Special Event cards that can have dramatic effects on the campaign results each round. ALSO, some Special Event cards will enable players to take a special named character in their army for one round free of points cost…!)

I think the Special Event cards are going to be pretty neat. The way that [I’m hoping] they’ll help weave the campaign narrative together throughout all the rounds has me pretty excited. I’m also pretty excited about the way that players will earn Special Event cards: by fulfilling secondary objectives in battles –objectives that won’t be geared towards helping complete that round’s primary mission. I think the secondary objectives will create the feeling of “crazy” missions without forcing the missions themselves to become too crazy.

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