This summer, a couple of friends and myself will be putting on a tournament larger than I have ever done: roughly eighty people or so. (Luckily for me, they have put on a big tournament before, so the learning curve for me should hopefully be more forgiving.)

To balance out the fact that the shoppe I work at is running an ‘Ard Boyz preliminary, I thought it karmic that I involve myself in creating a tournament aimed at making personal ambitions take a back seat. The idea is to have a weekend tournament with a story line behind it (this is not a new idea, I know–but it is new to Calgary), and to have all the players aligned to teams or factions.

The real question is: would 80 people want to partake in a more thematic, (slightly) less ‘ard / competitive tournament?

But that’s as much as I want to say right now, as I’m still spit-balling some ideas and don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver on any of this.

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  1. Scott says:


    Sounds like fun 🙂

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