As is what’s looking to become a tradition, I’ll be running a painting competition this fall at the store. I’m following the same format as previous competitions in that the divisions will be based on model size not genre or game system. This means that Warhammer Fantasy, 40k  and Lord of the Rings models will all be competing directly against each other (and also means that every entry can use bits from all GW’s lines without fear of disqualification / no recognition for winning).

Also following my previous competition formats, Forge-World-produced models will not be allowed entry into the competition UNLESS the model has rules for it in a current GW army book or codex. I choose to do this as the shop doesn’t have the storage or display space to accommodate huge models, and it’s easier for me to nix 90% of the Forge World line than it is coming up with crazy-specific height/width entry restrictions.


Here’s the rules as I have them so far:

A maximum of THREE models may be entered across both divisions (Single & Large models). Also, no more than TWO entries may belong to the same game system (Warhammer Fantasy, WH 40k, Lord of the Rings).

If entering the Neophyte Division, only TWO models can be entered, and no models may be entered into the other divisions.

All entries must be a Citadel or Forge World miniature that is usable in any current GW army book or codex.

Models that have been entered in a previous painting contest will not be accepted.

Conversions are allowed, but should be consistent with the atmosphere of the game world and spirit of the miniatures.

Overall, the judges are looking for entries that adhere to the imagery and ethos of Games Workshop’s different fantasy universes.

Models that do not fit into the above criteria cannot be entered nor even be put on display alongside the competition’s other entries.


There are three divisions, with entries divided according to model size. For the sake of fairness, model size is determined according to the type of base originally packaged with the entered model.

Models that come packaged with cavalry bases (25x50mm), Terminator bases (40mm round) or any base smaller.


Models that come packaged with bases larger than 25x50mm or 40mm round bases. By default, ALL tanks, vehicles and monstrous  creatures that do not come on cavalry bases (or on any base at all) automatically count as large models for this competition.


This division excludes experienced painters. Only young painters and those who have been painting for about a year are allowed to enter as a Neophyte. Only TWO models may be entered into the Neophyte Division, and entering a model in any other division automatically disqualifies one from the Neophyte category. Model size and base size parameters in this division follow those of the ‘Single Model’ division.


Models may be mounted on a base larger than their conventional base, but must be on a stock Games Workshop base.

Whereas scenic elements on bases are encouraged, for storage reasons  DIORAMAS ARE NOT PERMITTED (the term, “diorama,” refers to the creation of a scene on a base larger than is game playable and where the scenery is the focus as much as the model is).

ALL models must be entered on fully painted or flocked bases (tanks and the like are exempt from this).

Conversions (the modification of stock models) are allowed and encouraged; but in this competition, more points will be scored according to paint job than to conversions or sculpting, so it  is prudent to focus one’s effort accordingly.


Painters have the option of displaying their entries at Great White for an additional 2 weeks after the competition, BUT All winning models must be left at Great White for 1 week, to be kept on display in the store’s showcases.

Great care will be taken with every entry, but Great White cannot accept any responsibility for any models accidentally damaged or broken. Entry into the competition gives Great White the right to display, photograph and publish images as they see fit. The Judges’ decisions are final; no correspondence or debate will be entertained regarding the judging process.

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