So, it’s been five weeks since we got possession of the house. I have to admit: my painting room has been coming along a lot slower than I hoped–not that I’ve been slacking that much; but the moment I typed that it’s been five weeks since moving in, I felt how long five weeks really is. It does feel like I’ve been totally dragging my feet with getting the painting room set up.

I blame online games (LOTRO). And work. And the tournament that just wrapped up this last weekend. And the extra-curricular activities work has me doing (I get to be the “go-to” guy for my boss).  If that’s not me grasping at every excuse I can, I don’t know what is.

Anyways, here’s where the painting room is at now. I think the coolest feature is that my painting table now sits two, meaning that painting doesn’t have to be a hermit-like activity for me any more (in my last place, my desk only sat one, and the room was RIGHT beside my baby daughter’s room: both elements that guaranteed no one could come over for an evening of painting). With some funky placing of lights, I think I also have enough light for miniatures painting.

So there you have it: now that I’ve gotten back my painting workspace, I’ll soon ll have some new updates with pictures of painted figures and works in progress.

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One Response to My New Painting Room: Update July ’09

  1. Dayna says:

    Yeah, I blame online games too. 😉

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