Yes, I know I posted the date of the next tournament already, but here’s a bit more information about said tourney.

Way back when I worked for GW, I bought their calendars every year. Somehow I managed to lose the 40k-themed 2000 calendar (complete with a ‘Thought of the Day’ for every day of that year!), but I didn’t lose the 2001 calendar whoe theme was–you guessed it–Warhammer Fantasy. The 2001 calendar didn’t have a thought for the day for each calendar day but DID have all the religious holidays and dates of note annotated on specific days of the year.

By chance, I selected July 25 as the date for this next tournament (well, not really chance–I was choosing a date that hopefully wouldn’t conflict with other tournaments while still giving me sufficient lead time to get the thig organised and promoted).  By pure chance, while packing for my upcoming move,  I came across the calendar that I’ve been lugging around for 8 years (and 3 moves) and was trying to decide whether it should stay with me for the move to my ne house. Deciding to flip through the calendar (with the intent of junking the thing), I turned to July’s page and checked out the important dates.

It turns out that July 25th is the “holiday” of Vorgeheim (tr. Mystery’s Eve), which is the day before Geheimnisnacht, one of only two nights in Warhammer when both moons are full. (Geheimnisnacht translates to “Night of Mystery”).

July in the Old World (with significant holidays & dates marked)

July in the Old World (with significant holidays & dates marked)

This is the aforementioned 2001  Calendar. You can’t read it, but on the 25th it says at the bottom “Vorgeheim – Mystery’s Eve.” At the bottom of the 26th it reads, “Geheimnisnacht – the Day of Mystery (Chaos full moon).”

It’s like this tournament is writing itself! So here’s what I have for the tournament’s name and preamble so far:

Battle Under a Chaos Moon (Warhammer Tournament)

Geheimnisnacht—the Night of Mystery—marks the middle of summer and is one of only two dates per year in the Old  World where nightfall sees the moons Morrslieb and Mannslieb both full. This year, nightfall has usurped day. Spurred by the capricious winds of magic, the forces of evil stir, things long dead rise and Morrslieb and Mannslieb rise full on Vorgeheim, the eve of the Night of Mystery.

This Vorgeheim promises to be one of dark conquest and desperate survival. Will your army survive the night?

So that’s how the tournament is feeling so far….

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One Response to Next Warhammer Tournament: July 25, 2009

  1. Scott says:

    Great idea for the tournament, I like the story behind it. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this one, still want to put together a totally new army before going into any other tournaments. I’m keeping an eye on the blog so I’ll be looking forward to more in the future!

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