Posting of the Spring Skirmish results is going to be delayed a little longer as  I’m moving away from the world of renting.  I’m now a resident in the realm of home ownership! It’s the end of an epoch  for me.

It’s pretty poignant that I took those pictures of my painting area, seeing as it’s now all packed up. The good news is that I’ll still have my own painting space in the new house–unsure just how much more (or less) room I’ll have to dedicate to painting; but what is nice, though, is that I’ll have a space dedicated  for my 6×4′ gaming table!

To tide things over, I thought I’d put a couple works in progress shots from my War of the Ring Angmar army.

(Quick Middle Earth history lesson: Angmar was north east of the Shire, at the northern tip of the Misty Mountains range and was a realm ruled by the Witch King–though none knew him to be a Nazgul while he ruled. Angmar was responsible for the destruction of Gondor’s Northern realm called Arnor).

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